Giving a gift certificate for skydiving in New York City is an original, fun gift to give.

Tandem sky diving calls for anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes of instruction to assure you are entirely all set and prepared for the mechanics of skydiving in New York City. Now that you have the training you need, every one jumping will need to have a harness put on correctly and be set to board the plane to being your jump. Once on board, the plane will climb to the 14,000 feet of altitude necessary for you to be ready for your jump. As you reach the desired altitude, the door to the plane will open up and your heart will race as you look out over New York City, New York in the distance.

Prepare to step out of the plane with your experienced, highly qualified skydiving trainer as you fall at velocities that can achieve 120 miles an hour heading downward! Your tandem skydive inside New York City will have you freefalling for 60 seconds then spending about seven extra minutes in a canopy flight to the dropzone. You'll arrive as perfectly as possible and, you'll have the opportunity to claim you skydived! You can easily experience the thrill of skydiving or give a gift certificate for skydiving to let somebody else have the fun.

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