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Skydiving Near New York City

Any time it comes to connecting adventure-seekers with unforgettable skydiving thrills in the New York City area, nobody outdoes our excellent skydive options!

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Tandem Skydiving in New York City

Tandem Skydive

If skydiving is on your 'bucket list' you need to check out tandem skydiving with us here at Skydiving Near New York City! Join us here at Skydiving Near New York City for the most heart-pounding ways to experience the fun and elation of complete freefall sky diving over New York. Tandem skydiving has allowed countless first time skydivers with no experience to enjoy the extraordinary thrill safely and easily!

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New York City Skydiving School

Skydiving Instructing

Take your skydiving experiences to the next level! Whether your goal is to be able to jump solo, or you're interested in a career as a skydiving instructor, Skydiving Near New York City can help you attain your high-flying dreams!

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New York City Skydiving Gift Certificates

Skydiving Gift Ideas

Perfect for holiday gifts, birthdays or anniversaries, Skydiving Near New York City Gift Certificates can be ordered as a tandem skydive, a solo course or one of the awesome New York City Skydiving packages that we offer. Gift Vouchers are good for 24 months from your purchase date and are fully transferable which means that the receiver can always re-gift it!

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New York City Skydiving Videos

Skydive Video Offers

Skydiving Near New York City partners have some of the most capable aerial videographers in New York to capture every bit of the jump of your life! Many dropzones also utilize a different camera, known as "handycam" or "GoPro", (a camera mounted on your Instructor's wrist) for a more affordable, persona video.

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New York City is considered one of the most influential and prolific cities in the entire world. Mainly in respect to its standing in the financial district but also in the fashion, art, musical, and theatrical arenas as well. When you make a trip to New York city, you expect to be greeted by the iconic symbols that represent the city and the country like no attractions anywhere else can. For example, you may anticipate seeing the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, The Empire State Building, and multiple others. Which is precisely why we’re so excited to offer skydiving opportunities here, no matter where you look throughout your skydive, you’re guaranteed an impressive view, even if it's just from across the harbor at the New York City skyline. Make no mistake, calling us to reserve your skydive in New York city won’t leave you disappointed. Give us a call today, 215-258-2255!

Join us for the thrill of a lifetime! Our team of skydiving experts will help you pick the perfect skydiving school for your first, or next, skydiving adventure! We specialize in providing individuals and groups of people of all sizes with reservations for the very best skydiving courses and packages. Contact us today to transform your dreams into a reality!

Known as The Big Apple to people throughout the World, New York is the most populous city within the entire United States. New York has one of the largest impacts upon art, education, commerce, entertainment, and finance, and is also home to the United Nations headquarters. Some have referred to New York as the capital of the world. With an estimated population of almost 8.5 million people, New York City is the most densely populated city in the United States.

What is best for me? Tandem or Accelerated Freefall?

Firstly, there is a major difference between tandem skydiving and our AFF course. Both are great opportunities for the thrill seeker at heart and we offer both, but the key contrast between the two lies in the descent from the sky. One method involves falling from the sky with an instructor. The other involves free falling solo... With extensive training, of course. In the end this is a choice that only you, the skydiver can make, when deciding between the two. It all boils down to personal preference, confidence, and comfort levels.

Tandem Skydiving

Tandem skydiving is the safest way for customers to get a taste of skydiving without the responsibility of learning how to dive by themselves. You will be briefed before the plane ride on safety techniques and tandem etiquette, so you'll know how to get the most from your time in the air without putting the trainer in danger.

Tandem skydiving offers the same sensation of falling from the sky minus the worry of managing everything on your own. Rather than flying alone, you're attached to a highly-trained instructor with safety at the forefront. Now, while you won't go through the type of training you can expect with our AFF program, there is some training involved. You'll learn the fundamentals of safety procedures and on the best ways to safely tandem jump with the instructor to avoid putting yourself or the instructor at risk. Tandem skydiving is the best choice for those who want the experience of free falling without the responsibility and extensive training.

About Accelerated Freefall Experiences

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) is what most individuals imagine when they think of skydiving. You are high above the Earth, weightless and free of tethers. The wind whips around your body and the exhilaration practically takes your breath away.

Our Accelerated Freefall course will educate you as a professional skydiver. Those who do not want to complete the entire course can take Step one again and again. In Step One you will discover everything you need to know to safely jump from the airplane and deploy your parachute, including:

  • landing techniques
  • how you can deploy the parachute
  • releasing the reserve chute
  • regulating your body throughout the jump

Although you are under no obligation to finish all the steps of our Accelerated Freefall course, why wouldn't you want to? Not only do you get a certificate of completion and the privilege of calling yourself a licensed skydiver, you also become part of an elite family of people who have the same daring spirit and the enthusiasm to fly above Earth.

The Bottom Line

No matter what your choice, once landing, you can feel free to pat yourself on the back, and rejoice in your accomplishment. Along with incredible memories, you can consider yourself an official skydiver. With AFF or Tandem you will soon come to recognize you belong to the skydiving family-- a team of adventure seekers much like yourself. To find out more about our comprehensive AFF program, or to get started on a tandem jump, contact Skydiving Near New York City to schedule the adventure of a lifetime today!

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